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End of a Day

Far over the blue horizons
Lies the reaches of the sky
Where, in the evening's transitions,
The sun's last rays flicker and die.

The sun sinks slowly in the west
As darkening shadows come,
Softly laying the light to rest
As if in the earth's sweet bosom.

This heralds the end of another day
In which God has given to man
The rays of the sun to light his way,
To work, while e'er he can.

Yet we know that following night
Comes another golden day,
So, let us do with all our might
Whatever good may come our way.

We know that someday will be the last
And time will be no more.
Eternity comes sure and fast
When we'll leave this earthly shore.

The beauty we've seen in each sunset
Will pale in contrast bright
When the SUN of heaven we have met,
And we've left this earthly night.

But, this will only be for those
Who love the true and living God
And worked the works of Christ till close
Of life, while on this earth they've trod.

By L. B. Strawn
Date unknown