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I'm So Proud

I'm so proud to call you my wife
And to have you stand beside me.
I want it to be thus all of my life;
I need your love to guide me.

To calm me as I make a decision,
To encourage me when I grow weak;
Hasty actions can cause derision.
It is wisdom which I seek.

With you, alone, as my helper, true
I believe that I can be 
Any thing you want me to,
Or, even more, you see.

Ev'ry man needs such a mate
Who is as true as true can be;
Seldom, now, can one find that trait;
My strength is your love for me.

Your love is an influence, steady,
You stand, always ready to give.
This causes me ever to be ready
To share with you all that I have.

Most of all, it's our life together
That I want us both to share,
Through sunshine and stormy weather
So others will know that we care.

By L. B. Strawn
 1973 or 1974