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Life's Beauty

Can artist's brush or poet's pen
Catch the beauty of a new budded leaf
Which bobbles in a gentle breeze
Whose life, on earth, is e'er so brief?

Or, in like manner, can they e'er retell
The subtle beauty of a spring born flower
Which lay all winter as a hidden seed
Then burst forth with an April shower?

Though man may strive his life time through
Upon paper or canvas, can he truly capture
The beauty of nature with it's myriad of wonders
Which lift our spirits and our souls enrapture?

Man may ensnare a similar likeness
Of a tree, a bush, a flower in bloom,
But ne'er the true beauty of the wonders around us;
All of these blessings, the fruit of God's loom.

For, all of these things have something more precious,
More precious by far than silver and gold.
For, in them is life, yea, God given life
Which adds a beauty which cannot be told.

By L. B. Strawn