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'Tis so hard for us who mourn
The passing of a loved one, dear,
To understand why God has torn
From us this one who was so near.

But, if we just a moment reflect,
Then we can, in better light
For God does not neglect,
Has only caused the soul in flight
To come within His view.

This one so active, full of life,
Did not mature to full grown age
Will never know this world of strife,
Nor now must never master rage.

She was taken ere this came
And, though our lives will never be the same,
They are the brighter for having known
This child, who, from our side, has flown.

This dear, sweet life, so briefly met,
So tender, young and full of love,
Has, in that brief span touched us all,
Then swiftly flown to rest, above.

By L. B. Strawn