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Of Me

I desire to leave of me
Something so much more
Than just a fleeting memory
For near and dear to keep in store.
 Something I would like to leave
 Are words of lilting rhyme.
 Thoughts which I, alone, conceive,
 To last till end of time.
I hope that others will enjoy them
And gain much lasting pleasure.
Loving thoughts, as I employ them,
May they be to all a treasure.
 May they give to all mankind
 Desires for love and peace.
 Thoughts of joy may they find
 Till life and time shall cease.
If I can bring some happiness
To those whose lives are drear,
Uplift their souls in sweet caress,
Give sunlight, joy and cheer,
 Then, that would be my legacy
 To give long after death.
 More than just a memory
 To vanish like a breath.
By L. B. Strawn
June 16, 1980