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On the Wings of the Wind

On the wings of the winds
That stealthily soar above
I lay the unsaid words
Of my lonely, haunting love.

        Where can she be----
        The love I have not met?
        For, all the lost and mislaid hours
        Can only cause regret.

Oh, could I speak
And tell her of my yearning,
Desires to have and hold,
The fire within me burning!!!

        Where can she be----
        My love, as yet unseen?
        On treach'rous mountain roads
        My thoughts of her careen.

But, alas----
My soul can only sigh
And lay these unsaid words
On wings of winds, on high,

        Since I have failed,
        (And failure brings regret)
        To find my one true love----
        The love I have not met.

By L, B. Strawn
September 20, 1987
    Pure fiction.