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The Wind

Far away in the willow tree
     The wind sighs ever so soft,
While above the blue and moonlit sea
     It bears the clouds aloft.

Sometimes I hear it as it moans
     Across the desert, bare;
Most oft I hear it's sweetest tones 
     Whenever you are near.

It howls in gales so swift and strong,
     In tornados and hurricanes,
As ever so swiftly it moves along
     Until it's awesome power wanes.

It blows in trade winds, gentle and warm,
     Across the balmy sea,
And, though it oft does men great harm
     In it the power of God I see.

Blizzards whine across desert and plain
     But winter changes to spring,
And I feel the gentle breezes again,
     As warmth and happiness they bring.

To my darling wife I write these words
     And send them with all my love;
Carried on wings of lovely birds
     As they fly in the wind above.

By L. B. Strawn
 Spring, 1975