A Habit


I've et the squirrel 'n I've et the rabbit,

'N I'd do it agin, 'cause eatin's a habit.

I jist cain't seem to git rid o' the habit,

When food comes 'round I naturally grab it.

I was made tuh eat agin 'n agin,

'Cause eatin' is natural; it ain't no sin.

Tuh all o' them soft 'n furry critters,

I'd as soon eat them as I would corn fritters.

'Cause ever thang out there wuz made fer man,

Tuh stay strong 'n healthy, as best he can.

So, tuh animal lovers, I don't mean tuh be rude,

But keep yur hands off o' my food.

By L. B. Strawn

September 7, 1995