Into the long and lonely night

I ponder on my fate, my plight--

How did I become a man??

Was it chance---or was it plan?

There must be, somewhere, found an answer,

Am I monkey or am I man, sir?

Are you wise enough to give

The answer of how or why I live?

Or, are your fate and plight like mine?

And, does our being hinge on time?

Time, in which the cells evolve?

Time, which may my questions solve?

Should I even asked you for the answer,

For, are you monkey, or are you man, sir?

So, I turn to one who's greater---

Someone called Him our creator.

Oh, great God, to you I turn

For the questions in me burn;

Am I monkey? Am I man?

Am I part of some great plan?

Ah! Within your word, I clearly see;

The answer now is given to me.

For, all the things you did create--

To each of them you gave their mate.

Then, to each pair you gave their seed,

And, also, to them gave the need

Of like companions and procreation

To spread their species to every nation.

Oh, thank you, God, for such a plan---

That I'm not a monkey, but am a man.

And thanks for all you've done for me,

For life and breath and all that's free--

For salvation and your blessed grace

That I may, some day, see your face,

And live with you--for I know I can,

Since I'm not a monkey, but am a man!!!

By L. B. Strawn