Thrilling My Heart

I can never see a clear blue sky,

Or, a few fluffy clouds drifting by

But what it thrills my being through

Just the way God intended it to.

Or, see a lovely flower in bloom,

A tiny baby, fresh from the womb,

A butterfly, as it flits along,

A beautiful bird warbling it's song.

How about the lowly toad,

As it hop, hop, hops along the road;

The forest animals running in play,

The evening's sun last glimmering ray;

Or, again as it hurries and hastens to bring

A grand, new day for my soul to sing

Of all the wonderful things for me

To enjoy: to hear, to touch, to smell, to see.

The mountain, the ocean, the valley, the dell,

And, all the creatures which, in them, dwell,

The river, the canyon, the trees, the grass,

Capture my attention as, by them, I pass.

The darkness of the night for rest,

Or, with it's yellow moon we're blest;

The stars alight so far above,

All fill my soul with bounding love

For Him who gave all this to me,

Who also set my spirit free

That I might marvel at His love and grace,

For all the creatures before His face.

Oh, Lord, with joy my heart beats high

To know that you are ever nigh,

And all I ask on bended knee,

"Through all my life, may I please Thee.

By L. B. Strawn