Lone Prairie

Sometimes I dream I would like to be

All by myself on the lone prairie.

With rampaging grandkids driving me wild,

To be on the "lonesome" would seem so mild.

But, when they hug me and give me a kiss,

I think of the sweet loving I would miss.

The riot and turmoil fade from my mind,

And a reasonable semblance of peace do I find.

Perhaps when I reach my earthly demise

I'll finally know the hows and the whys,

That they can fill my heart with pure joy;

Each precious girl and each precious boy.

So, while my faculties I still possess

I'll try to diminish their riotous duress,

Then, when I die, you can bury me

'Neath the western skies, on the "lone prairie".

By L. B. Strawn

March 21, 1993