Father's Day

Ev'ry day is my "FATHER'S" day,

At least for my heavenly one,

For He created the light to stay

When all of His wonders had just begun.

At first ev'rything, in darkness, was hidden,

But then He said, "let there be light".

The light appeared, as He had bidden;

He divided the day from the night.

Then He created other lights;

The sun to rule over the days,

The moon and stars to rule the nights;

Marvelous and mysterious are God's ways.

Later He also created man

To rule over all that He had made.

Soon, thereafter, man's sins began

And, from that time have been on parade.

Once more darkness was prevailing;

Spiritual night had settled in.

In pain and anguish man was wailing

Because of the stifling darkness of sin.

Once more God said, "let there be light",

And He sent His son as salvation's flame;

Casting out the blackness of night

When we turn to Him through Jesus' name.

Obeying that light, we are then translated

From the kingdom of darkness to that of His son.

The light has, the blackness of sin dissipated

When ALL of the Father's will has been done.

Yea, every time God sees a poor soul

Turn from it's evil and pernicious way,

Being washed in the blood and made whole,

That makes it a very happy "FATHER'S" day

By L. B. Strawn

September 18 & 19, 1995