Thoughtfull People

Are there yet those thoughtful people

Who love the poets words of rhyme?

Are we too busy with daily care?

Are our emotions lost to time?

Do we not have a fleeting moment

Just to sit and meditate;

To, read some lovely words of rhyme

Of something small or something great?

When we can read and meditate

All the poets thoughts we share.

We can see within his life---

His deepest emotion, his deepest care.

And, we can see his lighter side,

Or, even his anger, fierce;

His calm, his anguish, his love, his hate,

Or, thoughts which, through his heart do pierce.

If you are one of those thoughtful people

Who have a moment or two of time

To sit, relax and enjoy life,

I hope you'll enjoy this book of rhyme.

By L. B. Strawn

January, 1976