Thank You

Thank you for your mercy, Lord,

And thank you for your love.

Thank you for your holy word

Which came from heaven, above.

Thank you for the savior

Who came to earth and died

That we might truly savor

Your grace, to us, implied.

Thank you for each blessing, good,

For health and strength and life.

Thank you for our daily food

And, even Godly strife.

Thank you for each family

And thank you for each home.

Thank you for eternity

Which, someday soon, will come.

Give us strength, oh Lord, to cope

With problems which we face,

That we may keep that promised hope

To live with you through grace.

Grant to us that you'll forgive

As we repent from ev'ry sin,

That, in eternity we'll live,

In Jesus' blessed name, amen.

By L. B. Strawn

November ??, 1980.