Rose Arbor Lane

Down rose arbor lane we walked, hand in hand,

Feeling the strength, the zest of life.

For walking with you was simply grand

Knowing that one day you would be my wife.

The simple joy we shared as we walked,

Each tender touch as you hand caressed mine,

The plans which were made, as softly we talked,

That feeling of love as hearts eagerly entwine.

As I look back on that time, long ago,

I remember the roses--how lovely they were

As the breeze gently swayed them to and fro;

How my mem'ries have been made to stir.

The soft, smooth petals, fragile and tender

Kissed by the ev'ning's soft dew;

While swaying on their stems, long and slender;

How I'd love to be back there with you.

For, I also recall that you were so sweet,

And beautiful was your shining face.

'Twas the beginning of a life not complete,

With our warm and tender embrace.

How I yearned for the day you'd be mine

As you yielded your lips, moist and warm.

To wait for that day, I could hardly resign,

Yet, truly, I could do you no harm.

For my love for you was good and pure,

Would endure until time should end.

And, still today is steadfast and sure,

Will never break, nor ever bend.

There are other things which come to mind

Which bring those pleasant moment to me;

Yet others, not so pleasant, I find,

But, not to unpleasant, I'm sure you'll agree.

I remember how, that on each long stem,

There were thorns which could cause us pain.

And, in our lives, there have been moments, grim,

But the beautiful roses still remain.

I refer to the roses of our life.

Though scratched by a thorn, here and there,

What joy from the day you became my wife.

God surely has answered my prayer.

How beautiful it has been through the years

To cherish your warm, tender love;

To share the laughter, the joy, yea, the tears.

Our union was blessed by the Lord, above.

By L. B. Strawn

November 21, 1978