Countless Secrets

How little the mind of man perceives,

How little he really understands,

Of all the mighty works that God has done,

Or all the power He holds within His hands.

Creator of the vast expanse, the universe,

Countless myriad of stars, the sun, the moon,

Moving swiftly, diligently, unerringly,

Clockwork timed, unalterably in tune.

And man has said of this phenomenon,

"Why, it merely happened, just by chance."

To me the wondrous miracle of it all

Would the revelation of the Lord, enhance.

To see the marvel of the scheduled sunrise,

To know the moon is just as sure on course,

The earth awhirl within it's steadfast orbit

Held secure within the sun's great force.

The many species He has put upon the earth;

He gave them all a law so true and fine;

Each must remain within it's given specie.

Not one--not one--has ever crossed the line.

All these things man has known but for a while

But long ago the Lord had told of them:

The circle of the earth, paths within the sea,

And other secrets given to us by him.

The value of the snow, the singing of the stars; Job 38:22; 38:7

He stretched the empty space out to the north;

The greatest flood (which man has proven now) (I have seen people digging up the skeleton of

How valuable! What are these secrets worth? a whale well above and far away from the ocean.)

God promised to that faithful Abraham

His descendants, as the stars of heav’n, would be Genesis 15:5; 22:17

Man thought the total about 38 hundred

Hubble has proven God to be true, can’t you see

Behold the man! How strong and yet how delicate! Psalms 139:14

How marvelously and how wondrously made!

These things, which cause me fervent faith,

For all the wealth of earth, I would not trade.

These men of earth? God made them all one blood, Acts 17:26

Black or white, red or brown, and so,

Another secret known but for a while,

Yet God revealed it to us long ago.

As countless secrets of His word unfold

Evolution's awkward theory must decline.

How can these things so wonderful just happen?

Joy of joys! The truth of God is mine.

I have His proven word to guide me,

Not a theory man has set his mind upon.

So, let me give each day I live to Him;

May His will, within my life be done.

By L. B. Strawn

January, 1978 Verse 8, 7-8-10