A Journey

Some day I shall take a journey

Down "The River Of No Return",

To be tried without an attorney

By the judge of all, for whom I yearn.

The journey will not be unexpected,

But one I desire with all of my heart.

With proper preparation, I'll be protected

From danger which might tear me apart.

If the book, called the bible, is true,

And I surely believe it to be,

The verdict which I know will ensue,

Is one which will set me free.

Free from the toils and burdens of life,

Free from all sorrow and pain,

Never to know earthly turmoil or strife;

Never to feel any heartaches, again.

For the judge will be the son of God,

The loving savior whom we call Jesus,

Who came from heaven; on this earth He trod;

In obeying His word, from sin He frees us.

So, at the end of the journey down that river,

The righteous judge will greet me and smile,

For He'll be the "Eternal Life" giver----

While living on earth was my trial!

By L. B. Strawn

August 28, 1997