Bald Headed Men

Bald Headed Men

Some men have a full head of hair;

With others there is a lack.

Those with abundance aren't always fair

And throw the bald ones a lot of flack,

Like---"an empty shack needs no roof",

Or---"granite grows no grass".

From such ones I stay aloof

For it sounds like belching gas.

To the first I say, "no roof lets in light,

Therefore, I'm not in the dark.

To understand is pure delight".

That stops that vile remark.

To the next remark I simply say,

"You could have let that statement pass.

As well as granite, a brain is gray,

And a busy street grows no grass".

So, listen, all you bald headed men,

Don't be ashamed of your dome.

Don't accept a blow to your chin

Just because you need no comb.

'Cause next I say what the smart aleck dreads

And all his remarks are smothered,

"God only made a few perfect heads

And those are the ones He uncovered".

By L. B. Strawn

October 22,1987