The Music Begins

The music begins when two people meet,

Slowly, perhaps, as it starts.

It can swell, yet remain softly sweet,

Timed by the beat of their hearts.

Or, perhaps in rapid crescendo,

With vibrant and lively tone,

Tossed by their hearts, to and fro,

Meant for each other, alone.

When their hearts unite to be as one,

The music, then, can be more sweet.

A symphony, having just begun,

With a lifetime to complete.

Each day be there written a bar,

Each moment composes a note.

Lovely they sound, near and far,

On the gentle breeze they float.

"I love you truly", their hearts sweetly sing,

"Because" God made thee mine,

So, to you all my love I bring.

May our life together be divine.

May the music of our hearts remain forever,

May no discord bar their harmony.

Till some distant day when death will sever

And write the finish to our lovely symphony.

By L. B. Strawn

July 5, 1980