My Beauty

I think that I shall never see

Beauty such as thine.

I beg upon my bended knee,

"My love, wilt thou be mine?"

Such poise, such charm, such magnificent grace,

Sweet, red lips and lovely face.

The tenderness of your lovely smile

Make quick the days and life worthwhile.

To my question you said yes

And lent yourself in sweet caress.

E'er we were wed time quickly passed,

But fled more swiftly when you were mine at last.

For you've given me a wonderful family,

Four lovely children--who could ask more?

And they've left many a poignant memory;

Life can't be the same as before.

Nor would I want that to happen

For think of the joy I'd have missed;

Chubby little arms around me;

Their faces upturned to be kissed.

To date there are two little grandchildren,

My thoughts of them have been written.

One little boy, who's really all boy

And a girl who's as soft as a kitten.

I just don't know how to describe my life;

It's been as good as good can be.

In spite of a problem here or there

My God has been good to me.

We've walked through life, hand in hand,

Making the best of life has been so grand,

For, all of my dreams have proven true

Since that wondrous day that you said, "I do".

By L. B. Strawn