Spring of '76

Here comes the season of lazy days,

With quiet evenings and purple haze;

The kind which truly do amaze,

And, bring to most such languid ways.

Cause a lazy feeling inside,

Want to curl up somewhere and hide,

Not want to walk, but only ride;

But---will that feeling forever abide?

No, not long, certainly not forever;

With the passing of spring it will sever

And flow away like a gentle river,

For it's a thing we call “spring fever”.

The blood thins out, the heart beats slow

Leaving our energy somewhat low,

But, e'er the summer breezes blow,

Our bodies, once more, will begin to glow.

Yes, glow they will, and begin the quiver

And pulsate like a rolling river

With strength received from the blessed giver,

And we'll be rid of "Ole Spring Fever".

By L. B. Strawn

Spring, 1976