As Twilight Settles

Softly rises the moon aloft,

Softly lays the gentle breeze.

This soothing scene has awed me oft,

As twilight settles among the trees.

The sun has sunk beneath the rim,

The earth is hushed with expectation.

The light of day has soon grown dim,

Thrilling my soul with exaltation.

The quiet peace twilight has brought,

The tenderness which pulses my soul;

Peace, which oft, my soul has sought,

For peace has ever been my goal.

For now, the busy day has passed,

The tranquil time of ev'ning is nigh.

The quickened heartbeat slows at last.

I sit, relax and breathe a sigh.

Softly, through the thickening gloom,

Faintly the melodic organ plays,

Filling my heart till there's no more room.

My busy thoughts, it's spell allays.

Only a few short hours of peace,

Only a few more moments to dream,

Then dawning day will cause it to cease

Far more quickly than it could seem.

Yet, with it comes a comforting thought--

A few more hours will surely bring

The same peacefulness this ev'ning brought.

And, again within, my heart will sing.

By L. B. Strawn

May 20, 1979